WHMCS Modules

Want to extend your install of WHMCS to support things like automated VPS creation on a sale?

WHMCS OpenVZ / Virtuozzo Module

  • Automatically create a VPS on a sale
  • Automatically suspend a VPS on non-payment
  • Automatically delete a VPS when a client closes a sevice
  • Automatically terminate a VPS
  • Allows Client to select Operating System for VPS (Linux Only)
  • Works With Windows and Linux Vritozzo Servers
  • Works with WHMCS 3.8 or higher
  • 1 Year software updates
  • Cost $59.95/year
  • 7-day demo
  • ...and even more


Authors: Eduard Haritonov

Plesk Addons

Want to view domain passwords in Plesk panel?

Plesk Password Viewer

  • Compact view: all domain passwords in one table
  • Password types to view:
    • Reseller
    • Client
    • Domain administrator
    • FTP
    • Frontpage
    • Databases
    • Web users
    • Subdomains
    • Mail records
  • 4 contexts of view depending on Plesk session type:
    • Plesk administrator (admin) can view passwords of any client or domain.
    • Plesl reseller can view passwords of any his/her client or domain.
    • Plesk client can view the passwords of any his/her domain.
    • Domain administrator can view only his/her domain passwords.
  • Two ways to execute from Plesk panel:
    • Custom button "Passwords" on any domain page
    • Direct URL: http://HOST:8443/pw/
  • Security:
    • It is necessary to login to Plesk control panel to be able to view passwords.
    • Reseller can not view passwords of clients or domains belonging to other resellers.
    • Client can not view passwords of domains belonging to other clients.
    • Domain administrator can not view passwords of other domains.
  • Cost: $6/year per server.


Author: Eduard Haritonov

Want to run scripts as domain useer on Plesk server?

Run PHP as User

This add-on for Parallels Plesk Panel allows to run PHP scripts as domain FTP user. It works in conjunction with mpm-itk or mod_ruid2 modules. In this case standard PHP module runs scripts. This is the fastest method unlike suPHP and FastCGI commonly used for the same purpose.

Cost: $19 per server.


Authors: Eduard Haritonov, Andy Martinovsky
Copyright 2007 Helix Development All Rights Reserved.